Exam week

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hey guys, not updating much since last year tho.. hehe been busy with Final Year Project of my university and now is the exam week.. Oh before that.. Happy New Year 2012 guys!! may this coming year will be better than before.

until then, stay put till next week cause i will post some new picts. Hopefully i”ll remember that. ciao!!


sticker bombing.. new way decorating ur car? maybe. but i like it! :D

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time to go.

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temperature rising

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the temperature outside is sizzling hot and makes me sweat all day long.. add on ambi pur perfume in the car and boost up the aircond . feels like sleeping in the car the whole day..

Type R owner trackday at Sepang International Circuit

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last month on 30th of july, Sepang International Circuit organized a private trakday only for Type R owners. So they gathered around 30+ Type R owner to participate for the trackday. As usual, SIC is one of my favorite place for shooting, so i followed “TwoForties” group get some photos. nothing much to say about vtec. Everybody loves vtec and cant resist the engine sound. Being late 1 hour from total of 2 hours of the track day, these is only wut i got..


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Before started the holy month, me n family when to cherating for a short vacation.. its about 2-3 hours of driving from the city. one of the most precious moment was “releasing the newly hatched turtle into the sea”.. these turtles follow their season whereby they will come to malaysia’s east coast beach and lay their eggs. Here in malaysia, it is illegal and banned everyone from buying, eating or doing anything with the eggs. It is claimed that turtle species are being extinction from time to time. So it is our job to save them, and help save them. These are few picts of me n my siblings n aunty releasing them to the sea..